Welcome Back Teachers, Students and Parents!

According to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey, parents will spend $670 to prepare just one child for school this year. This Back to School season, save time and money with these quick tips:

  1. Go through your kids’ closets before you go school shopping and make a list of what you actually need to buy. This will help avoid impulse buys once your excited student gets in the store.
  2. While you’re in the closet, take out anything your child has outgrown or won’t wear again. There are many consignment shops around town that will give you a little extra cash in exchange for gently used items. Anything else can be taken to a charitable thrift store to give you more closet space.
  3. While you’re at the thrift store, see what you can find! Many old school uniforms can be found among the racks. Help your budget while helping the community.
  4. Capitalize on Back to School sales. Items that are on sale now tend to skyrocket in the off-season.
  5. Comparison shop online ahead of time so you can save money and time.

We hope these tips were helpful as summer comes to a close. Let us know where you found the best deals with #BackToSchoolSavings on our FaceBook page!

Back to School Budgeting

Back to School shopping is a great time to practice budgeting skills with your children. Budgeting is a valuable life skill that promotes financial wellbeing, and encourages the practice of basic math skills that students use every day. The sooner they learn, the more they can earn over the long term. By planning ahead, your family saves time and money and avoids impulse buys. Check out this sample Back to School budget, and tell us on which item you saved the most on our Facebook page with #BackToSchoolSavings