Move money at the speed of a click

Checks and balances. You're writing fewer of the former and you want to closely monitor the latter. EZTransfer enables you to move money electronically and quickly keep tabs on account activity. 

Account to Account Transfer (A2A)

Use A2A to move money between financial institutions without the high cost of a wire transfer. You can set up one-time or recurring transfers to suit your needs. Transfers process within 3-5 business days at $2 per transfer. 

Express Transfers

Need a quicker A2A transfer? Choose this option and your transfer processes within 1-2 business days, at $4.50 per transfer.

Person to Person Transfer (P2P)

Stop writing and receiving IOUs. P2P allows you to send and receive money to friends and family using just an email address or mobile number, all within a secure portal. This speedy solution processes in 3-5 business days at 50 cents per transaction.